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    Duracell Procell PX1500 Alkaline Intense Power AA, 1.5V (24 Pack)

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    Procell Alkaline Intense Power AA (24 pack) industrial batteries are specifically designed to last longer (vs. prior Procell Alkaline AA batteries) in high drain professional devices that require a high amount of power or peaks of power, such as electronic door locks, soap dispensers or security cameras.

    Main Features

    • Up to 30% better longevity (vs. prior Procell Alkaline AA batteries) in high drain professional devices, that may result in fewer battery replacements and may therefore lead to savings on operating costs that are associated with battery replacement.
    • Manufactured using superior cell design (vs. prior Procell Alkaline AA batteries) to ensure high-quality cell construction. Each battery comes with a ‘quality warranty’. Design, safety, manufacturing, and qualification follow Procell’s stringent battery standards, which incorporate parts of the ANSI and IEC battery standards.
    • Economically packaged in bulk and individually date-coded for effective inventory management.
    • Used by manufacturers around the world: Procell Alkaline batteries have been designed in collaboration with manufacturers to work best in professional devices
    • Operating temperatures from -4°F to 129.2°F.
    • Reliable Performance
    • Excellent resistance to corrosion
    • Designed to meet all major quality, safety and environmental standards:
    • Safety: IEC 60086-5
    • ANSI C 18.1M, Part-2
    • EU Battery Directive
    • Quality: ISO 14001 and 9001, Duracell World Class Continuous Improvement Program

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